Microspec Wildlife Charity

Since the beginning of the company we have run our wildlife charity as an integral part of our business. We feel it is important for companies to ‘put something back’.

We have been working with the World Land Trust over several years to purchase and protect areas of rainforest in Equador. The Ecuador Rainforest Project helps safeguard diverse wildlife in an area where over 80% of the tropical rainforests have already been destroyed, leaving many species globally threatened. The project protects critically important habitats for many of Ecuador’s rarest bird species, as well as a wide variety of other animals such as Jaguar and Howler Monkey. There are several rainforest habitats being protected in Equador.

We have helped Born Free with donations to their big cats project. Born Free rescues individual lions, tigers and leopards from tiny cages and gives them lifetime care at sanctuaries, funds major lion and tiger conservation projects and fights hunting big cats for ‘sport’. The grace, strength and beauty of big cats holds a special fascination. Intelligent, powerful and agile, big cats are skilled hunters who rely on stealth, camouflage and lightning-speed reactions. But many big cats are endangered and sadly the main threat is human activity. Big cats are killed for their beautiful fur and body parts, their homes are destroyed, and captive animals are exploited in zoos and circuses.